February 22, 2017


Sexy Beast – 2000 | 88mins | Crime, Drama | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Sexy Beast

Jonathan Glazer‘s directorial debut breathed new life into the tired British gangster movie genre with a mixture of lively direction and powerful performances, particularly Ben Kingsley cast against type as the as an edgy psychopath.

Gal (Ray Winstone), is retired criminal sunning himself in his Spanish villa along with his wife Deedee (Amanda Redman), living off the ill-gotten gains of his previous life. Like the boulder that rolls down the mountain and crashes into his pool further violent disruption is about to smash Gals idyllic lifestyle. Enjoying retirement in the sun, Gal is shocked when his former associate, psychopath Don Logan (Ben Kingsley), turns up at his door offering him the chance of one final bank heist back in England. For Gary, there is no choice: he is quite happy where he is, topping up his tan, unfortunately his former gangland boss Teddy Bass (Ian McShane) has informed Logan not take no for an answer. In fear of Logan, Gal is soon on a plane back to a rain-swept London to partake in an audacious underwater heist.

Production Team

Jonathan Glazer: Director
Marcus Wookey: Art Direction
Steve Simmonds: Art Direction
Ivan Bird: Cinematography
Louise Stjernsward: Costume Design
John Scott: Editing
Sam Sneade: Editing
Roque Baños: Music
Jeremy Thomas: Producer
Jan Houllevigue: Production Design
David Scinto: Script
Louis Mellis: Script
Antonio Bloch: Sound Department
Rory Farnan: Sound Department
José Vinader: Sound Department


Ray Winstone: Gary \”Gal\” Dove
Ben Kingsley: Don \”Malky\” Logan
Ian McShane: Teddy Bass
Amanda Redman: Deedee
Cavan Kendall: Aitch
Julianne White: Jackie
Álvaro Monje: Enrique
James Fox: Harry

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