February 25, 2017


Sing As We Go – 1934 | 80mins | Comedy, Musical | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Sing As We Go

In this British comedy vehicle for its popular star Gracie Fields, a feisty mill girl (Fields) tries out various jobs in Blackpool during the summer after her mill is forced to close down, getting into some hair-raising scrapes. Through an accidental meeting with magnate Sir William Upton (Lawrence Grossmith), she is able to start negotiations to restore prosperity and save her colleagues jobs at the mill.

Production Team

Basil Dean: Director
Robert Martin: Cinematography
Basil Dean: Producer
JB Priestley: Script
Gordon Wellesley: Script


Gracie Fields: Gracie Platt
John Loder: Hugh Phillips
Dorothy Hyson: Phyllis Logan
Stanley Holloway: Policeman
Frank Pettingell: Murgatroyd Platt
Lawrence Grossmith: Sir William Upton

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