February 24, 2017


So Well Remembered – 1947 | 114 mins | Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

So Well Remembered

Adapted from a novel by James Hilton, who also,narrates, this weighty and moving drama is told in flashback on the eve of the VEDay. Directed at Denham Studios with a vividsense of place by Edward Dmytryk, on the run from Hollywood’s Communist witch-huntalong with fellow "Hollywood 10" associate, American-born producer AdrianScott, the film chronicles the class and socialproblems and the struggling socialist politics of the era. Powerful, gripping,and beautifully acted, due to the involvement of Dmytryk, Scott and composer HannsEisler, several right-wing critics falsely believed this Anglo-Americanco-production between RKO and J. Arthur Rank to be communist-inspired.

Opening in 1919, crusading newspaper editorand dedicated town councillor George Boswell (John Mills) fights againstnegligence and greed in the depressed Lancashire mill town of Browdley.  Tirelessly fighting for better workingconditions and housing, he is sidetracked by marriage to the mill-owner’sruthless daughter, Olivia Channing (Martha Scott), who hopes to manoeuvre herhusband into Parliament by moving to London. Boswell neglects his politicalcareer to campaign to help alcoholic local doctor Whiteside (Trevor Howard) to combata diphtheria epidemic. Personal tragedy touches Boswell when his sondies during the epidemic, and his wife leaveshim when she tires of his fight against poverty and social injustice.

Olivia remarries, is widowed, and returns to Browleywith her son by her second marriage, Charles (Richard Carlson). Charles meetsand falls in love with foster-daughter of Dr. Whiteside, nurse Julie Morgan (PatriciaRoc). He is a flying officer during WWII when his face is scarred during acrash over Germany, it looks as though his interfering mother is going to extinguishhis budding romance, but Boswell intervenes to unite the young lovers.

Production Team

Edward Dmytryk: Director
Lawrence P Williams: Art Direction
Freddie Young: Cinematography
Honoria Plesch: Costume Design
Harry W Gerstad: Film Editing
Hanns Eisler: Original Music
Adrian Scott: Producer
John Paxton: Script
WH Lindop: Sound Department
Clem Portman: Sound Department


John Mills: George Boswell
Martha Scott: Olivia
Patricia Roc: Julie Morgan
Trevor Howard: Dr Richard Whiteside
Richard Carlson: Charles Winslow
Reginald Tate: Trevor Mangin
Beatrice Varley: Annie
Frederick Leister: John Channing
Ivor Barnard: Spivey
Julian D’Albie: Wetherall
Juliet Mills: Young Julie

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