February 25, 2017


Something Always Happens – 1934 | 89mins | Comedy| B&W

Plot Synopsis

Something Always Happens

Unemployed car salesman Peter Middleton is encouraged by his girlfriend Cynthia to approach the head of a car factory with his suggestion for making petrol stations more attractive to customers. When the owner rejects the idea, Peter joins a rival company and becomes a great success. He is eventually taken home by Cynthia to meet her father – the first company’s manager – who realises his mistake and gives the pair his blessing.

Despite being a return to quota pictures at Warner Brothers’ new Teddington Studios, Michael Powell nevertheless considered Something Always Happens “a very good comedy”. We played it all out for laughs and great speed, excellent dialogue. It was about a chap (lan Hunter) who never paid for anything… Ian was a very good comedian’. Reviews were surprisingly good for this 69-minute picture which contained all of the ingredients which made many ‘quickies’ attractive to audiences. The performances of Ian Hunter, Nancy O’Neill and Peter Gawthorne were highly praised, as was Michael Powell‘s ‘imaginative’ direction.

Production Team

Michael Powell: Director
Peter Proud: Art Direction
Basil Emmott: Cinematography
Louis Brooks: Costume Designer
Ralph Dawson: Editing
Bert Bates: Editing
Irving Asher: Executive Producer
Brock Williams: Script
Leslie Murray: Sound
HC Pearson: Sound


Ian Hunter: Peter Middleton
Nancy O’Neil: Cynthia Hatch
John Singer: Billy
Peter Gawthorne: Mr Hatch
Muriel George: MrsBadger
Barry Livesey: George Hamlin
Millicent Wolf: Glenda

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