February 24, 2017


Still Crazy – 1998 | 95 mins | Comedy, Drama | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Still Crazy

Rib-tickling comedy in the great tradition of This Is Spinal Trap penned by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, co-creators of The Likely Lads and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, this genial character-driven comedy concerns a mid-life reunion tour by a 1970s glam-rock band. Still Crazy takes a sharp and acutely funny look at what it takes a group of middle-aged losers who haven’t spoken since glam-rock was all the rage to get back on stage together. Billy Connolly, Stephen Rea, Jimmy Nail and Timothy Spall co-star, but Bill Nighy, as ever, steals the show as the groupís prima-donna lead singer and thereís a touching extended cameo by Bruce Robinson.

Twenty years after an acrimonious split, ’70′s rock band Strange Fruit are about to regroup and go on the road again. The intervening years have seen the band members settling in to lives ranging from simply ordinary to the outright poverty stricken. Keyboard player Tony (Stephen Rea) is the architect of reforming the band and after a little research he gathers together the surviving Fruit. Fragile lead singer Ray (Bill Nighy), is a failed solo artist, temperamental bass-player Les (Jimmy Nail) is now a bitter roofer, tax-dodging drummer Beano Baggot (Timothy Spall) works in a flower nursery and faithful roadie Hughie (Billy Connolly) now owns a stall at Camden market.

The band hires a new lead guitarist (Hans Matheson) to replace their original guitarist Brian who reportedly died during the intervening years. They head off on a low-rent tour of Holland under the management of their now former PA Karen (Juliet Aubrey) to rehearse their greatest hits but old rivalries soon flare up. The future looks bleak as the date of their UK gig draws nearer and the group are once again self-destructing but Karen hears some surprising news about Brian that provides an emotional catalyst. Their goal is to perform a reunion at the outdoor Wisbech Rock Festival, the venue where two decades earlier a bolt of lightning fused the entire gig and ended their careers.

Production Team

Brian Gibson: Director
Sarah Jane Cornish: Art Direction
Ashley Rowe: Cinematography
Caroline Harris: Costume Design
Peter Boyle: Editing
Sarah Love: Makeup Department
Anita Burger: Makeup Department
Clive Langer: Original Music
Amanda Marmot: Producer
Max Gottlieb: Production Design
Dick Clement: Script
Ian La Frenais: Script
Dina Eaton: Sound Department
Nina Hartstone: Sound Department
Robert Ireland: Sound Department
Colin Nicolson: Sound Department


Stephen Rea: Tony Costello
Billy Connolly: Hughie
Jimmy Nail: Les Wickes
Timothy Spall: David \’Beano\’ Baggot
Bill Nighy: Ray Simms
Juliet Aubrey: Karen Knowles
Helena Bergström: Astrid Simms
Bruce Robinson: Brian Lovell
Hans Matheson: Luke Shand
Rachael Stirling: Clare Knowles
Phil Daniels: Neil Gaydon
Philip Davis: Limo Driver
Zo√ę Ball: ZoŽ
Mackenzie Crook: Dutch Kid

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