February 27, 2017


Storm Over the Nile – 1955 | 107 mins | Adventure | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Storm Over the Nile

Historic imperial melodrama based on A.E.W. Mason’s novel “The Four Feathers”. This ripping yarn is a remake of Zoltan Korda’s classic The Four Feathers (1939), with Korda again behind the camera with co-director Terence Young and much of the original’s location footage was reused. The story is still full of jingoistic heroics and breathtaking action, and Ted Scaife’s vivid Technicolor photography is excellent, but the cast seem aware this is a well-worn treatment and appear to be merely going through the motions.

Set in 1895, Harry Faversham (Anthony Steel), a young lieutenant from a family with a proud military tradition, resigns his commission shortly before his unit is to leave for the Sudan. Faversham is accused of cowardice by his three former friends; John Durrance (Laurence Harvey), Peter Burroughs (Ronald Lewis) and Thomas Willoughby (Ian Carmichael), and handed three white feathers. His fiancée, Mary Burroughs (Mary Ure), feels ashamed and shares their feelings, handing him a fourth.

Faversham consults his old family friend, Dr. Sutton (Geoffrey Keen), and believing he is not a coward but a man troubled by a strict military upbringing, he travels incognito to Sudan to reclaim his pride by aiding his three friends. Faversham stains his skin and adopts the garb of the natives, looking to all like a lowly mute native. His first success comes in rescuing Durrance, who was wandering blindly through the Sudanese desert. He then sets out to rescue Willoughby and Burroughs, who have been captured by the Dervishes. He frees them from an Omdurman prison during the battle at Kerreri, and having finally redeemed his reputation, Harry returns to England.

Production Team

Zoltan Korda: Director
Terence Young: Director
Lajos Biró: Additional dialogue
Arthur Wimperis: Additional dialogue
Wilfred Shingleton: Art Direction
Osmond Borradaile: Cinematography
Edward Scaife: Cinematography
Raymond Poulton: Film Editing
Tony Sforzini: Makeup Department
George Partleton: Makeup Department
A.E.W. Mason: Novel
Benjamin Frankel: Original Music
Zoltan Korda: Producer
Vincent Korda: Production Design
R.C. Sherriff: Script
Buster Ambler: Sound
John Cox: Sound
Red Law: Sound


Christopher Lee: Karaga Pasha
Michael Hordern: General Faversham
Ian Carmichael: Willoughby
Ronald Lewis: Peter Burroughs
Geoffrey Keen: Dr. Sutton
Mary Ure: Mary Burroughs
James Robertson Justice: General Burroughs
Laurence Harvey: John Durrance
Anthony Steel: Harry Faversham

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