February 20, 2017


Strange Boarders – 1938 | 74 mins | Comedy, Thriller | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Strange Boarders

Sprightly British comedy thriller. Director Herbert Mason keeps the action fast-paced and occasionally achieves moments of genuine suspense during the spy encounter scenes. Fine performances are by all, particularly a young Googie Withers as a treacherous maid and Ronald Adam as a sinister blind man.

An old lady is hit by a bus on a stormy evening, and in her bag the police discover some highly confidential aeronautical engine blueprints. Before they can question her, she dies, so they send for their top man, M7 secret service agent Tommy Blythe (Tom Walls). He, however, has been married that very morning to Louise (Renée Saint-Cyr) and has already embarked on a honeymoon cruise. When his orders come through, he is not even permitted to tell his wife his mission. As he sets out on his assignment, she follows him, suspecting him of committing adultery.

Blythe ends up taking a room under a bogus name at the boarding house in Notting Hill where the old lady resided, but unexpectedly his bride follows him into the potential nest of vipers. There he discovers that all of the guests are potential suspects; a timid maid, a Boer War colonel, an Argentinean meat merchant, a travelling salesman, a dotty old dear and a mysterious blind man. Blythe begins trailing the residents, with his wife frequently tagging along, and together they uncover a spy ring of foreign agents.

Production Team

Herbert Mason: Director
Jack E Cox: Cinematography
Michael Gordon: Editing
Edward Black: Producer
Sidney Gilliat: Script
E Phillips Oppenheim: Script
AR Rawlinson: Script


Tom Walls: Tommy Blythe
Renée Saint-Cyr: Louise Blythe
Googie Withers: Elsie
Ronald Adam: Barstow
CV France: Colonel Anstruther
Nina Boucicault: Mrs Anstruther
Leon M Lion: Luke
Irene Handl: Mrs Dewar
Marda Vanne: Mrs Greatorex

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