February 26, 2017


Strangers on Honeymoon – 1936 | 66 mins | Comedy, Romance | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Strangers on Honeymoon

Breezy comedy set in Canada and based on the Edgar Wallace story ‘The Northern Tramp’. October Jones (Constance Cummings), an orphan living with awful guardians, tells a prospective snobby suitor (James Arnold) handpicked for her, that she would rather marry a tramp. Accordingly, a drunken tramp appears, Quigley (Hugh Sinclair), and October is forced to go through with the wedding. As luck would have it, Quigley is really a nobleman hunting a valuable deed.

Production Team

Albert de Courville: Director
Erno Metzner: Art Direction
Haworth Bromley: Associate Producer
Mutz Greenbaum: Cinematography
Cyril Randell: Editing
Laird Doyle: Script
Sidney Gilliat: Script
Julian Houston: Script
Bryan Edgar Wallace: Script
Ralph Spence: Script


Constance Cummings: October
Hugh Sinclair: Quigley
Noah Beery: Redbeard
Beatrix Lehmann: Elfrida
David Burns: Lennie
Butler Hixon: Sam Wasser
Maurice Freeman: Uncle Elmer
James Arnold: Bridegroom
Anne Tucker: McGuire Bride
Edmund Breon: Sir Gregory

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