February 27, 2017


Sword of Sherwood Forest – 1960 | 80 mins | Adventure | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Sword of Sherwood Forest

A Hammer Films spin-off from the long-running ATV television series The Adventures of Robin Hood based on the escapades of Nottingham’s favourite outlaw. Shot in Technicolor at Bray and in Ireland, director Terence Fisher wasnít too comfortable with the swashbuckling battle scenes but remains true to the spirit of the original series. Richard Greene follows in the footsteps of such famous Hoods as Douglas Fairbanks Sr, Errol Flynn and Richard Todd, and locks horns with Peter Cushingís dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham. Oliver Reed appears as a vicious villain and Derren Nesbitt plays a nice young outlaw.It’s a cheap and cheerful affair but rollicking action fare for children and adults alike.

Robin Hood (Greene) goes undercover to infiltrate the group headed by the Sheriff of Nottingham (Cushing) and the evil Earl of Newark( Pasco), discovering their plan to murder the Archbishop of Canterbury (Gwillim),and then go on to take over Bawtry Castle. But Robin organizes his band of men to rescue the Archbishop and Maid Marian (Branch); he then continues to quell the insurrection by defeating Newark’s small army.

Production Team

Terence Fisher: Director
John Stoll: Art Direction
Ken Hodges: Cinematography
Rachel Austin: Costume and Wardrobe Departmen
John McCorry: Costume and Wardrobe Departmen
James Needs: Editorial Department
Lee Doig: Film Editing
Gerry Fletcher: Makeup Department
Hilda Fox: Makeup Department
Stanley Black: Music Department
John Hollingsworth: Music Department
Alun Hoddinott: Original Music
Richard Greene: Producer
Sidney Cole: Producer
Alan Hackney: Script
Alban Streeter: Sound Department
Harry Tate: Sound Department
John W Mitchell: Sound Department


Richard Greene: Robin Hood
Sarah Branch: Maid Marian
Peter Cushing: Sheriff of Nottingham
Richard Pasco: Edward, Earl of Newark
Nigel Green: Little John
Niall MacGinnis: Friar Tuck
Jack Gwillim: Archbishop Hubert Walter
Edwin Richfield: The Sheriff\’s Lieutenant
Oliver Reed: Lord Melton
Patrick Crean: Lord Ollerton
Vanda Godsell: The Prioress
Dennis Lotis: Alan A\’Dale
Derren Nesbitt: Martin of Eastwood

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