February 21, 2017


Take My Tip – 1937 | 74 mins | Comedy, Musical | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Take My Tip

Hilarious rapid-fire musical farce with Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge. Lord and Lady Pilkington (Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge), are swindled out of their money by a trickster (Harold Huth). They go to a hotel owned by their butler, where they encounter the villain again. By assuming various identities, including a waiter and a countess and a couple of upper-crust oil-diviners, they ultimately turn the tables and get their money hack.

Production Team

Herbert Mason: Director
Bernard Knowles: Cinematography
Michael Balcon: Producer
Sidney Gilliat: Script
Michael Hogan: Script
Jack Hulbert: Script


Jack Hulbert: Lord George Pilkington
Cicely Courtneidge: Lady Hattie Pilkington
Harold Huth: Buchan
Frank Cellier: Paradine
Frank Pettingell: Willis

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