February 28, 2017


Talk of the Devil – 1937 | 76mins | Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Talk of the Devil

Like many English directors of the 1930s Carol Reed was forced to work freelance, in 1937 he was contracted with Herbert Wilcox‘s company, British & Dominions, to make Talk of the Devil. Whether there was not enough work at ATP to keep him busy or he saw an assignment from B&D as a step up professionally is not known. Whatever Reed’s motivations in leaving Basil Dean however, Talk of the Devil did nothing to improve his standing in the field, and it has since disappeared from circulation completely. Based on an original story by Reed himself and scripted by him, Anthony Kimmins and George Barraud.

The film is a melodrama set at a seaside resort and starring Ricardo Cortez and Sally Eilers. Basil Sydney stars as Stephen Findlay, a ruthless villain who attempts to steal his brother Johnís (Randle Ayrton) shipping firm. Stephen enlists the help of Ray Allen (Ricardo Cortez), a mimic who is dating to the owners daughter to gather information about the company. The mimic succeeds in his task and causes the boss to commit suicide to save his company. Stephen tries to cover his tracks by killing Ray, but fortunately the Ray survives and goes to the police with his story. The villain is arrested and Ray proves his honest intentions to win back the girl he loves.

Production Team

Carol Reed: Director
C Wilfred Arnold: Art Direction
Francis Carver: Cinematography
Merrill White: Film Editing
John Morris: Film Editing
Helen Lewis: Film Editing
Percival Mackey: Music
Jack Raymond: Producer
Carol Reed: Script
George Barraud: Script
Anthony Kimmins: Script


Ricardo Cortez: Ray Allen
Sally Eilers: Ann Marlow
Randle Ayrton: John Findlay
Basil Sydney: Stephen Findlay
Frederick Culley: Mr Alderson
Charles Carson: Lord Dymchurch
Gordon McLeod: The Inspector
Margaret Rutherford: Housekeeper

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