February 24, 2017


Taxi for Two – 1929 | 73 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Taxi for Two

Romantic comedy in which a titled ladyís son (John Stuart) is attracted to the honest girl (Mabel Poulton) who gets the reward for returning his motherís missing necklace. He poses as a chauffeur and the girl hires him to drive the taxi she buys with the money. Romance ensues when the pair then fall in love.

Production Team

Denison Clift: Director
Alexander Esway: Director
James Wilson: Cinematography
Leroy Shield: Original Music
Michael Balcon: Producer
Ian Dalrymple: Script
Alexander Esway: Script
Angus MacPhail: Script


Mabel Poulton: Molly
John Stuart: Jack Devenish
Gordon Harker: Albert
Renee Clama: Gladys
Anne Grey: Charlotte
Grace Lane: Lady Devenish
Claude Maxted: The Baron

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