February 23, 2017


Tell England – 1931 | 80mins | War | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Tell England

Edgar Doe and Rupert Ray, boyhood friends, enlist in the British army at the outbreak of war in 1914. Both receive commissions and are sent eventually as part of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force to Gallipoli The horrors of war begin slowly to damp their romantic enthusiasm, and Doe, the more idealistic and sensitive of the two is nerve racked by months of inactivity and then by the cruel slaughter of his men by a Turkish trench mortar. He quarrels with Ray (a young, inarticulate Englishman) who has been promoted to captain, and breaks down; he regains self-confidence on learning that he has been chosen to lead a raid on the Turkish trenches.

Doe goes over the top, is seriously wounded, but manages single-handed to put the trench mortar post out of action. Soon after his death, the British withdraw from Gallipoli. The expedition has been a military blunder and only the scores of English graves left behind commemorate a tragic campaign.

Excerpt© ‘Puffin Asquith’ by R.J. Minney.

Production Team

Anthony Asquith: director
Geoffrey Barkas: director
Arthur Woods: Art Direction
Teddy Baird: Asst Director
Jack Parker: Cinematography
James Rogers: Cinematography
Stanley Rodwell: Cinematography
Mary Field: Editing
H Bruce Woolfe: Producer
Anthony Asquith: Script
Victor Peers: Sound


Carl Harbord: Edgar Doe
Tony Bruce: Rupert Ray
Fay Compton: Mrs Doe
Dennis Hoey: The Padre
CM Hallard: The Colonel
Frederick Lloyd: Captain Hardy
Gerald Rawlinson: Lieut Doon
Lionel Hedges: Sims
Sam Wilkinson: Booth
Wally Patch: Sgt Instructor

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