February 24, 2017


That’s Carry On – 1977 | 95mins | Comedy | B&W/Colour


Plot Synopsis

That's Carry On

This collection of innuendo laden glories remains the ultimate Carry On compilation, awash with all the true milestones in the series’ history. From the classic dining room sequence (Khyber), Charlie Hawtrey’s bayonet practice (Sergeant), shower scenes from both Constable and Abroad to Nurse’s daffodil gag and the ‘infamy’ by-play from Cleo, it includes every gem to form the definitive 90-minute package of the series’ highlights. Importantly, the linking dialogue by Tony Church is clever, entertaining, risqué and accurate.

For the introductory task, Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor were the perfect choice. Their delivery and confident presentation provides a likable and enjoyable comic partnership, with delightful pieces of spontaneous wit and camping, notably in the introduction of Screaming’s clips. The films are shown in more-or-less chronological order. However, to wet the appetites of the Carry On starved audiences, the first films covered are the Anglo to Rank cross-over movies: Head, Camel and Doctor. After a flash of Frankie Howerd wit and mad medical goings-on, the scene fades to black and white, a screaming train shoots into view and that very first classic moment with Bob Monkhouse and Kenneth Connor is remembered. The seven black-and-white films are dealt with together and suddenly it’s back to colour for Cruising, Jack and a complete run of the movies. The only movie missing completely, apart from mention as a statistic, is England – certainly not still on general release at the time of That’s Carry On, but importantly, for various reasons, still very fresh in the audience’s memory.

Review© Robert Ross: Carry On Companion.

Production Team

Gerald Thomas: Director
Tony Imsi: Cinematography
Jack Gardner: Editing
Eric Rogers: Music
Peter Rogers: Producer
Anthony Church: Script
Danny Daniel: Sound
Ken Barker: Sound


Kenneth Williams: Himself
Barbara Windsor: Herself
Sid James: Various characters
Hattie Jacques: Various characters
Joan Sims: Various characters
Kenneth Connor: Various characters
Charles Hawtrey: Various characters
Jim Dale: Various characters

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