February 26, 2017


The Black Widow – 1950 | 62 mins | Thriller | B&W

Plot Synopsis

The Black Widow

When a murder plot goes wrong, Mark Sherwin (Robert Ayres), an amnesiac, discovers the truth about his wife Christine (Christine Norden) and her lover Paul (Anthony Forwood). The husband continues faking memory loss until he is able to expose his would-be murderers. Intriguingly plotted but otherwise routinely handled thriller out of which much more could have been made Like much of Exclusive’s product, it was based on a successful radio serial.

Production Team

Vernon Sewell: Director
Anthony Hinds: Assistant Producer
Walter J Harvey: Cinematography
James Needs: Editing
Monica Hustler: Makeup Department
Philip Leakey: Makeup Department
Frank Spencer: Original Music
Lester Powell: Script
Allan MacKinnon: Script
Edgar Vetter: Sound


Christine Norden: Christine Sherwin
Robert Ayres: Mark Sherwin
Jennifer Jayne: Sheila Kemp
Anthony Forwood: Paul Kenton
John Longden: Mr Kemp
John Harvey: Dr Wallace
Reginald Dyson: Police Sergeant
Jill Hulbert: Helen

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