February 24, 2017


The Breaking Point AKA The Great Armored Car Swindle – 1961 | 59 mins | Crime | B&W

Plot Synopsis

The Breaking Point

Routine crime drama about an international currency racket competently directed by Lance Comfort for low-budget producers Butchers. Laurence Meynell’s effective 1957 pulp novel is adapted by former BBC producer Peter Lambert in a humdrum story that lacks grit and suspense despite an exciting aerial climax. Lead actors Peter Reynolds and Dermot Walsh go through their paces but can’t enliven the ungainly script.

English businessman Eric Winlatter (Peter Reynolds) is the cash-strapped employee and nephew of a respected London printing firm. The company are approached by the minor Middle-Eastern country of Lalvadore, who fear they’re about to be flooded with counterfeit currency from a communist neighbour and urgently require a replacement currency.

The penniless Winlatter is bribed by crooked Lalvadorian employ Peter de Savory (Brian Cobby) to discover the date the new currency is being despatched to the Gatwick Airport and to fall in with his gang of crooks and their scheme to hijack the shipment en-route. Winlatter’s girlfriend, Cherry (Joanna Dunham), becomes apprehensive of his behaviour and informs writer Robert Wade (Dermot Walsh) of her suspicions that Eric is involved in committing a crime.

Production Team

Lance Comfort: Director
John Earl: Art Direction
Frank Drake: Cinematography
Basil Emmott: Cinematography
Jackie Cummins: Costume Design
Peter Pitt: Film Editing
George Claff: Makeup Department
Merwyn Medalie: Makeup Department
Laurence Meynell: Novel
Albert Elms: Original Music
Peter Lambert: Producer
Peter Lambert: Script
Richard A. Smith: Sound


Peter Reynolds: Eric Winlatter
Brian Cobby: Peter de Savory
Jack Allen: Ernest Winlatter
Lisa Gastoni: Eva
Joanna Dunham: Cherry Winlatter
Dermot Walsh: Robert Wade

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