February 27, 2017


The Ghost Train – 1931 | 72 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

The Ghost Train

Second of three versions of Arnold Ridley’s celebrated comedy-thriller about a ghost train that passes through a deserted Fal Vale station at night. Infantile Teddy Deakin (Jack Hulbert) of the passengers stranded at Fal Vale for the night, turns out to be a detective who reveals the “ghost train” is very real. Deakin unmasks the gang of smugglers bringing commie propaganda into England.

Production Team

Walter Forde: Director
Walter W Murton: Art Direction
Leslie Rowson: Cinematography
Ian Dalrymple: Film Editing
Michael Balcon: Producer
Lajos Biró: Script
Sidney Gilliat: Script
Angus MacPhail: Script


Jack Hulbert: Teddy Deakin
Cicely Courtneidge: Miss Bourne
Donald Calthrop: Saul Hodgkin
Angela Baddeley: Julia Price
Cyril Raymond: Richard Winthrop
Ann Todd: Peggy Murdock

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