February 21, 2017


The Gift Horse – 1952 | 101 mins | War, Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

The Gift Horse

World War II drama commencing in Nova Scotia, 1940. Fraser (Trevor Howard), a court-martialled lieutenant-colonel is recruited to captain the ‘Ballantrae’, a decrepit, ageing US destroyer loaned made to Britain under the lend-lease agreement. He makes enemies of the crew for his iron discipline and apparent incompetence, and he is on the way to his second court-martial when, after improved performance, the ‘Ballantrae’ is chosen to spearhead a dangerous raid on the German-occupied French port of St Nazaire.

Production Team

Compton Bennett: Director
Edward Carrick: Art Direction
Harry Waxman: Cinematography
Alan Osbiston: Editing
Clifton Parker: Original Music
George Pitcher: Producer
William Fairchild: Script
Hugh Hastings: Script
William Rose: Script
Ben Roberts: Script
Jack Slade: Sound Department


Trevor Howard: Lieutenant Commander Hugh Fraser
Richard Attenborough: Dripper Daniels
Sonny Tufts: Yank Flanagan
James Donald: Lieutenant Richard Jennings
Joan Rice: June Mallory
Bernard Lee: AS \’Stripey\’ Wood
Dora Bryan: Glad
Hugh Williams: Captain
Robin Bailey: Lieutenant Michael Grant
Meredith Edwards: Jones
John Forrest: Appleby
Patric Doonan: Petty Officer Martin
Sid James: Ned Hardy

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