February 26, 2017


The Good Companions – 1933 | 113 mins | Comedy, Musical, Romance | B&W


Plot Synopsis

The Good Companions

Popular musical adapted from the J.B. Priestley novel. Three disparate people – a Yorkshire joiner (Edmund Gwenn), a middle-aged spinster with a small legacy (Mary Glynne), a disillusioned music teacher (John Gielgud) – all find fulfilment when becoming ‘angels’ to the failing Dinky Doos theatrical troupe. With much hard work from all involved it becomes a success, and it’s leading lady, Susie Dean (Jessie Matthews), leaves the troupe to achieve her dream of West End stardom.

Production Team

Victor Saville: Director
Alfred Junge: Art Direction
Bernard Knowles: Cinematography
Gordon Conway: Costume Design
Fredrick Y Smith: Editing
George Posford: Original Music
TA Welsh: Producer
George Pearson: Producer
Ian Dalrymple: Script
WP Lipscomb: Script
Angus MacPhail: Script
WS Salter: Sound Department


Jessie Matthews: Susie Dean
Edmund Gwenn: Jess Oakroyd
John Gielgud: Inigo Jollifant
Mary Glynne: Miss Elizabeth Trant
Percy Parsons: Morton Mitcham
AW Baskcomb: Jimmy
Dennis Hoey: Joe
Viola Compton: Mrs Joe
Richard Dolman: Jerry
Margery Binner: Elsie
DA Clarke-Smith: Ridvers
Florence Gregson: Mrs Oakroyd
Frank Pettingell: Sam Oglethorpe
Alex Frazer: Dr Macfarlane
Finlay Currie: Monte Mortimer
Max Miller: Millbrau

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