February 21, 2017


The Great Barrier – 1937 | 83 mins | Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

The Great Barrier

Vigorous account of the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway between Montreal and Vancouver shot on location in British Columbia with the use of realistic rolling stock.

Hickey (Richard Arlen) and Steve (Barry MacKay), two young men in search of adventure arrive in a small Canadian town where the Canadian Pacific Railway is under construction. There they meet Mary (Antoinette Cellier), the daughter of a ‘Railway Boss’. Steve, a smooth-talking cad, is interested in her but her attention is focused firmly on ex-gambler Hickey. After they are involved in a brawl, they are arrested and fined. To earn the money they take up work on the railway. A party is organised to find a pass through the Canadian Rockies for the railway and both Steve and Hickey join up. The journey is fraught with danger and the two must endure many hardships. Mary awaits their return eagerly.

Production Team

Geoffrey Barkas: Director
Milton Rosmer: Director
Sepp Allgeier: Cinematography
Glen MacWilliams: Cinematography
Robert Martin: Cinematography
Arthur Crabtree: Cinematography
Marianne: Costume Design
Charles Frend: Editing
Ben Hipkin: Editing
Hubert Bath: Original Music
Louis Levy: Original Music
GŁnther Stapenhorst: Producer
Ralph Spence: Script
Milton Rosmer: Script
Emeric Pressburger: Script
Michael Barringer: Script
Phillip Dorte: Sound Department


Richard Arlen: Hickey
Lilli Palmer: Lou
Antoinette Cellier: Mary Moody
Barry Mackay: Steve
Roy Emerton: Moody
J Farrell MacDonald: Major \’Hell\’s Bells\’ Rogers
Ben Welden: Joe
Jock MacKa: Bates

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