February 21, 2017


The Hit – 1984 | 100 mins | Comedy, Crime | Colour

Plot Synopsis

The Hit

Stephen Frears second theatrical feature after Gumshoe (1971) is this taut, psychological crime drama about an ultra-cool police informant who becomes embroiled in a battle of wits and wills that will have serious consequences for all concerned. Starring a resurgent Terence Stamp, John Hurt and acclaimed actor Tim Roth, making his big screen debut.

Mob supergrass Willie Parker (Terence Stamp) is tracked down to his Spanish residence by two hitmen and forced to travel with them at gunpoint to Paris in order to have a few old scores settled. One of his captors, Braddock (John Hurt), is a professional hitman but the other, Myron (Tim Roth), is a fresh-faced rookie on his first assignment. A visit to a secret apartment en-route provides further difficulty given the room is already occupied by Australian crook, Harry (Bill Hunter) and his young Spanish mistress, Maggie (Laura del Sol). Maggie is taken along as hostage but it’s not long before Parkerís unruffled Cockney attitude soon puts Braddock and Myronís nerves on edge; ensuring that nothing goes according to plan.

Production Team

Stephen Frears: Director
Luciano Arroyo: Art Direction
Julio Molina: Art Direction
Mike Molloy: Cinematography
Marit Allen: Costume Design
Mick Audsley: Editing
Tony Nieto: Makeup Department
Betty Glasow: Makeup Department
Karen Dawson: Makeup Department
Roy Ashton: Makeup Department
Eric Clapton: Original Music
Paco de Lucía: Original Music
Jeremy Thomas: Producer
Andrew Sanders: Production Design
Peter Prince: Script
George Akers: Sound Department
Ted Ball: Sound Department
Steve Hancock: Sound Department
Paul Le Mare: Sound Department


John Hurt: Braddock
Terence Stamp: Willie Parker
Tim Roth: Myron
Laura del Sol: Maggie
Bill Hunter: Harry
Jim Broadbent: Barrister

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