February 27, 2017


The House That Dripped Blood – 1971 | 102 mins | Horror | Colour

Plot Synopsis

The House That Dripped Blood

Amicus returned to the tried-and-tested portmanteau format for the classy anthology The House that Dripped Blood, which incorporated four stories by Robert Bloch. Directed with imaginative flair by Peter Duffell, who wound up returning to small-screen work, three of the episodes are vigorous Grand Guignol fun and the film concludes with a humorous fourth tale.The cast all acquit themselves well, particularly a splendidly nervy Denholm Elliott and Christopher Lee at his brooding tight-lipped best.

Scotland Yard’s Inspector Holloway (John Bennett) goes on the trail of a missing film, star, and consults the local constabulary about Paul Henderson’s remote rented house, and learns that the most recent tenants have all come to grisly ends.

“Method for Murder” deals with London novelist Charles Hillyer (Denholm Elliott), who rents the house to complete his most recent horror novel, but is haunted by visions of his murderous lead character,Dominick, an insane strangler.

“Waxworks” follows retired stockbroker Philip Grayson (Peter Cushing), who finds the image of his lost love, Salome, in Jacquelin’s local waxworks museum. His friend Neville Rogers (Joss Ackland) arrives unexpectedly and reflects on their shared lost love.

“Sweets to the Sweets” deals with widower John Reid (Christopher Lee) and his small daughter Jane (Chloe Franks). Reid employs Ann Norton (Nyree Dawn Porter) to act as governess to his daughter. Reid appears mortally afraid of his flaxen-haired daughter, and with good reason as the lonely, angelic child compensates rather nastily for the neglect to which she has endured.

“The Cloak” centres on veteran horror actor Paul Henderson (Jon Pertwee), a self-important man who unknowingly acquires an old cloak from an elderly vampire. To Henderson’s dismay, he is inexplicably in the grip of a vampiric urge when trying the cloak on.

Production Team

Peter Duffell: Director
Tony Curtis: Art Direction
Ray Parslow: Cinematography
Peter Tanner: Film Editing
Harry Frampton: Makeup Department
Joyce James: Makeup Department
Michael Dress: Original Music
Max Rosenberg: Producer
Milton Subotsky: Producer
Russ Jones: Script
Robert Bloch: Script
Michael P Redbourn: Sound Department
Ken Ritchie: Sound Department
Nolan Roberts: Sound Department


John Bennett: Det Insp Holloway
John Bryans: AJ Stoker
John Malcolm: Sgt Martin
Denholm Elliott: Charles Hillyer
Peter Cushing: Philip Grayson
Joss Ackland: Neville Rogers
Christopher Lee: John Reid
Nyree Dawn Porter: Ann Norton
Jon Pertwee: Paul Henderson
Ingrid Pitt: Carla Lynde
Geoffrey Bayldon: Theo von Hartmann

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