February 20, 2017


The Long Haul – 1957 | 100 mins | Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

The Long Haul

Gritty nourish crime melodrama adapted by director KenHughes from the novel of the same name by Mervyn Mills. This was one of anumber of films America’s Victor Mature had travelled to the UK to star in for IrvingAllen’s and Albert R. Broccoli’s Warwick Films.

After six year in the army, married ex-G.I. Harry Miller(Victor Mature) wants to take his family to California, but his hesitant wifeConnie (Gene Anderson) persuades him to move to her home city of Liverpool andaccept a job working for her uncle as a haulage driver. The company mostlytransports between Liverpool and Glasgow, and on Harry’s first trip he realisesall isn’t as it seems when crooked fellow driver Casey (Liam Redmond) allowscrooks to help themselves to his load.

In Glasgow, Harry realises that haulier Joe Easy (PatrickAllen) is running a thieving racket and paying drivers to ‘lose’ their loads.After getting beaten-up by Easy’s henchmen, Harry is comforted by the racketeer’sblonde girlfriend Lynn (Diana Dors), but after spending the night together,Harry awakens to see his truck being stolen. He wrongly blames Lynn for settinghim up, and his boss jumps to the same conclusion and sacks him. Harry mustalso explain about Lynn to his wife.

Out of work, the once honest Harry is forced to accepta crooked job from Casey, but the staged insurance scam goes awry and Casey iskilled. Meanwhile, Lynn has moved down to Liverpool to work as a hostess andrekindle her affair with Harry. Despite having the police and insurance investigatorson his tail, racketeer Easy persuades Harry to drive a truckload of stolen fursto be picked up in Scotland and shipped to the States. When Harry discoversfrom his angry wife that he isn’t father to their son, he decides that when hereaches Scotland with the stolen furs he’ll take the freighter with Lynn toAmerica. Thus, Harry, Lynn and Easy navigate the Scottish lochs and back roads tomeet up with the freighter.

Production Team

Ken Hughes: Director
John Hoesli: Art Direction
Basil Emmott: Cinematography
Raymond Poulton: Film Editing
Trevor Duncan: Original Music
Maxwell Setton: Producer
Ken Hughes: Script
Peter Thornton: Sound Department


Victor Mature: Harry Miller
Gene Anderson: Connie Miller
Patrick Allen: Joe Easy
Diana Dors: Lynn
Liam Redmond: Casey
Peter Reynolds: Frank
Michael Wade: Butch Miller
Dervis Ward: Mutt
Murray Kash: Jeff
Jameson Clark: MacNaughton
John Harvey: Supt Macrea

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