February 27, 2017


The Malta Story – 1953 | 103 mins | War, Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

The Malta Story

Flag-waving drama filmed on location that ends up being something of a damp squib, with Anthony Steel, Jack Hawkins, Muriel Pavlow and Flora Robson. Brian Desmond Hurstís restrained film blends romance and wartime heroics in this affecting personal tale of the siege of Malta. Cinematographer Robert Krasker provides plenty of realistic re-enactment sequences to support the montages of actual newsreel footage. Maltaís bravery during the war was officially acknowledged with the bestowing of the George Cross on the island.

In 1942, amiable RAF reconnaissance pilot Peter Ross (Alec Guinness) is on his way to Egypt when he is stranded en-route to Egypt on the besieged island of Malta and gets caught up in the effort to save the island from the Luftwaffe. On studying aerial photographs he discovers that an imminent invasion of Malta is being prepared. It is of vital importance that the island remains under the control of the Allies, and Peter is the man selected to trace and destroy Rommelís supply lines. He begins to plot the enemy’s Mediterranean convoy movements – but he is distracted by the thought of romance with a local girl, Maria (Muriel Pavlow).

Production Team

Brian Desmond Hurst: Director
John Howell: Art Direction
Robert Krasker: Cinematography
Michael Gordon: Editing
WT Partleton: Makeup Department
William Alwyn: Original Music
Peter de Sarigny: Producer
Peter de Sarigny: Script
Nigel Balchin: Script
William Fairchild: Script
Thorold Dickinson: Script
Gordon K McCallum: Sound Department
John W Mitchell: Sound Department
Eric Wood: Sound Department


Alec Guinness: Flight Lt Peter Ross
Jack Hawkins: Air CO Frank
Anthony Steel: Wing Cmdr Bartlett
Muriel Pavlow: Maria Gonzar
Renee Asherson: Joan Rivers
Hugh Burden: Eden, Security
Nigel Stock: Giuseppe Gonzar aka Ricardi
Ralph Truman: Vice Adm Willie Banks
Flora Robson: Melita Gonzar

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