February 24, 2017


The March Hare – 1956 | 85 mins | Comedy, Romance | Colour

Plot Synopsis

The March Hare

Horseracing comedy romance with an Irish background based on the novel Gamblers Sometimes Win by T. H. Bird, about a racehorse and his owner’s efforts to make a Derby winner of him. This whimsical comedy is well-handled by director George More O’Ferrall and Jack Hildyard’s Eastmancolour cinematography lends the film a picture-postcard look, but sadly the Ealingesque story is paper thin despite Cyril Cusack’s delightfully roguish contribution and the romantic sub-plot involving the handsome Terence Morgan and sultry Peggy Cummins fails to convince.

After gambling away his ancestral home Wolfshill, reckless young Irish aristocrat Sir Charles Hare (Terence Morgan) is mistaken by the new American owner’s daughter, Pat McGuire (Peggy Cummins), for a horse groom, and keeps him on in that position. A romance between the two begins to develop. Meanwhile, Charles’ Aunt Anne (Martita Hunt) and Col. Keene (Wilfrid Hyde-White) have bought a young colt on behalf of the impoverished peer and handed it over to superstitious drunkard Mangan (Cyril Cusack) to train.

When the colt appears to have classic potential, Sir Charles replaces the oft-inebriated Mangan with a professional trainer and names the horse The March Hare, but only the superstitious Irishman Mangan knows the special word supposedly given to the highly-strung thoroughbred by the mythical fairy queen. So Mangan is reinstated and The March Hare progresses to compete in the Derby.

Production Team

George More O\’Ferrall: Director
Anthony Masters: Art Direction
Jack Hildyard: Cinematography
Peter Newbrook: Cinematography
Bill Walsh: Costume Design
Julie Harris: Costume Design
Gordon Pilkington: Film Editing
Ida Mills: Makeup Department
Ernest Gasser: Makeup Department
Philip Green: Music Direction
T.H. Bird: Novel
Philip Green: Original Music
Albert Fennell: Producer
Bertram Ostrer: Producer
Paul Vincent Carroll: Script
Allan MacKinnon: Script
Gordon Wellesley: Script
Buster Ambler: Sound
John Cox: Sound
S.T. Ambler: Sound
Red Law: Sound


MacDonald Parke: Maguire
Ivan Samson: Hardwicke
Maureen Delaney: Bridget
Charles Hawtrey: Fisher
Derrick De Marney: Capt. Marlow
Wilfrid Hyde-White: Col. Keene
Cyril Cusack: Lazy Mangan
Martita Hunt: Lady Anne
Terence Morgan: Sir Charles Hare
Peggy Cummins: Pat McGuire

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