February 24, 2017


The Oracle – 1952 | 85 mins | Comedy | Colour

Plot Synopsis

The Oracle

In The Oracle, a young journalist, (Michael Medwin) Timothy Blake, visits an island for a holiday and discovers an oracle at the bottom of a well. Blake decides to exploit the oracle’s accurate predictions – for weather forecasts, racing results, the problem page – all sent back to his editor in London, who prints them in his newspaper. While clearly pursuing profit, the editor also claims to be driven by a modern concern for the future, telling his reluctant staff that Blake has ‘a source of truth, a key that can open the doors to social and scientific advancement.’ The editor insists on asking questions that will have a major impact on the mass readership, culminating in the momentous ‘Will there be another war?’ The oracle’s predictions, formerly confined to the mundane queries of a small island, are now major issues made known to the nation and the world.

Production Team

C.M Pennington-Richards: Director
Wolfgang Suschitzky: Cinematography
John Grierson: Producer
Colin Lesslie: Producer
Robert Barr: Script
Patrick Campbell: Script


Robert Beatty: Bob Jefferson
Joseph Tomelty: Terry Roche
Mervyn Johns: Tom Mitchum
Michael Medwin: Timothy Blake
Virginia McKenna: Shelagh

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