February 20, 2017


The Shop at Sly Corner – 1947 | 91 mins | Crime, Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

The Shop at Sly Corner

Absorbing British melodrama adapted from Edward Percy’s 1946 hit stage play.  This murky tale of a London antiques dealer whose past catches up with him is rich in character but nevertheless stagey. The leading role is played by Oscar Homolka, the heavy-eyebrowed Austrian master of malevolence produces an excellent performance, but he gets a good run for his money from the young Kenneth Griffith as a weaselly shop assistant.

Desius Heiss (Oskar Homolka), is not only a fugitive/refugee from Devil’s Island, but also a London antiques dealer who surreptitiously trades in stolen goods. When his assistant, Archie Fellows (Kenneth Griffith), discovers that Heiss is both an escaped convict and a fence, the bookkeeper indulges in blackmail. Fearing that exposure would ruin the career of his concert violinist daughter, Margaret (Muriel Pavlow), and unable to pay the exorbitant ransom, Heiss kills the clerk. Heiss then comes under suspicion of murder from Scotland Yard Inspector, Major Elliot (Garry Marsh).

Production Team

George King: Director
Bernard Robinson: Art Direction
Felix Evans: Costume Design
Manuel del Campo: Film Editing
Nadine Faulkner: Makeup Department
H Holley: Makeup Department
George Melachrino: Original Music
George King: Producer
Reginald Long: Script
Katherine Strueby: Script
Edward Percy: Script
Alan Allen: Sound Department
WHO Sweeney: Sound Department
Peter Butcher: Sound Department


Oskar Homolka: Desius Heiss
Derek Farr: Robert Graham
Muriel Pavlow: Margaret Heiss
Manning Whiley: Corder Morris
Kathleen Harrison: Mrs Catt
Garry Marsh: Major Elliot
Kenneth Griffith: Archie Fellows
Jan Van Loewen: Professor Vanetti
Irene Handl: Ruby Towser
Johnnie Schofield: Inspector Robson
Diana Dors: Mildred
Katie Johnson: Music Box Seller

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