February 21, 2017


The Smashing Bird I Used to Know – 1969 | 95 mins | Drama | Colour

Plot Synopsis

The Smashing Bird I Used to Know

Lurid melodrama set in a remand home. Madeline Hindeleads an imposing cast that includes Dennis Waterman, Patrick Mower, FaithBrook, Derek Fowlds, Megs Jenkins and Lesley-Anne Down. But it’s rising star MaureenLipman that steals the acting honours with a moving performance.

Nicki Johnson (Madeleine Hinde) suffers with a guiltcomplex because she thinks she was responsible for the accidental death of herfather (David Lodge). Now a teenager, she regularly plays truant from schoolwith her boyfriend Peter (Dennis Waterman). Nicki’s mother, Anne (RenéeAsherson), drops a bombshell by announcing she intends to marry her golddigging young boyfriend, Harry (Patrick Mower).

One afternoon Nicki returns home following a fall fromher horse, and Harry attempts to seduce her whilst also revealing he now haspossession of her trust fund. During the ensuing struggle Harry is stabbed andseriously injured, and Nicki duly imprisoned in a harsh remand home for girls.The remand home is residence to a number of girls with different problems andbullying is widespread. Following an altercation with another girl, Nicki andher lesbian friend Sarah (Maureen Lipman) decide to runaway rather than facethe prospect of borstal. Now on the run and wanted by the police, Nicki seeksout her boyfriend Peter, and finds refuge living in the downstairs flat of hisemployer, pervy antiques dealer Geoffrey (Derek Fowlds).

Production Team

Robert Hartford-Davis: Director
Bruce Grimes: Art Direction
Peter Newbrook: Cinematography
Don Deacon: Film Editing
George Partleton: Makeup Department
Ann Fordyce: Makeup Department
Robert Richards: Original Music
Peter Newbrook: Producer
John Peacock: Script
Gordon Davie: Sound Department
Claude Hitchcock: Sound Department
Peter Maxwell: Sound Department
Nolan Roberts: Sound Department


Madeleine Hinde: Nicki Johnson
Renee Asherson: Anne Johnson
Dennis Waterman: Peter
Patrick Mower: Harry Spenton
Faith Brook: Dr Sands
Janina Faye: Susan
David Lodge: Richard Johnson
Maureen Lipman: Sarah
Derek Fowlds: Geoffrey
Colette O’Neil: Miss Waldron
Megs Jenkins: Matron
Cleo Sylvestre: Carlien
Valerie Wallace: Muriel
Lesley-Anne Down: Diana

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