February 24, 2017


The Spy with a Cold Nose – 1966 | 93 mins | Comedy | Colour

Plot Synopsis

The Spy with a Cold Nose

Colourful Cold War espionage spoof written by famed sitcom writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. The script possesses flashes of wit and humorously uses a very suburban spy rather than the suave James Bond template, but this is a genre that never took itself entirely seriously in the first place and the rather leaden comic capers of Lionel Jeffries, Eric Sykes and Laurence Harvey fail to add much mirth to proceedings. A foppish Laurence Harvey and beautiful Daliah Lavi are the nominal stars, but the film is entirely stolen by balding buffoon Lionel Jeffries as the unglamorous agent.

Stanley Farquhar (Lionel Jeffries), a humdrum British agent living in a semi-detached in Wimbledon with a nagging wife (June Whitfield) and three brattish children, finally responds to his wife’s whining about his lack of career progress by hatching an ingenious espionage plot. With the help of his assistant Wrigley (Eric Sykles), Stanley hatches a plot to get information from the Kremlin by presenting the Soviet Premier with a pedigree bulldog with a listening bug grafted inside its stomach by playboy veterinarian Francis Trevelyan (Laurence Harvey).

The plan works, and following a number of security leaks the Russians send Mata Hari figure Princess Natasha Romanova (Deliah Lavi) to discover whether Stanley is a brilliant is brilliant agent, or the neurotic moron they believed he was. But after discovering how the British are getting their information, Natasha offers her silence for £100,000. Meanwhile the bugged bulldog has fallen unwell, so Farquhar and Trevelyan are forced to go to Moscow for fear the transmitter would be discovered if a Russian veterinarian were to examine the dog.

Production Team

Daniel Petrie: Director
Peter Mullins: Art Direction
Kenneth Higgins: Cinematography
Yvonne Blake: Costume Design
Jack Slade: Film Editing
Gladys Leakey: Makeup Department
Philip Leakey: Makeup Department
Riz Ortolani: Original Music
Joseph E. Levine: Producer
Leonard Lightstone: Producer
Alan Simpson: Script
Ray Galton: Script
Rusty Coppleman: Sound
John Aldred: Sound
Leslie Hammond: Sound


Robert Flemyng: Chief M.I.5
June Whitfield: Elsie Farquhar
Colin Blakely: Russian Premier
Denholm Elliott: Pond-Jones
Eric Portman: British Ambassador
Eric Sykes: Wrigley
Lionel Jeffries: Stanley Farquhar
Daliah Lavi: Princess Natasha Romanova
Laurence Harvey: Dr. Francis Trevelyan

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