February 25, 2017


The Squeeze – 1977 | 104 mins | Thriller | Colour

Plot Synopsis

The Squeeze

Tough kidnap thriller starring Stacy Keach as a booze-sodden ex-cop who has to dry out when his ex-wife and young daughter are kidnapped. For the most part, young director Michael Aptedís hard-edged film sells itself to a TV audience by providing plenty of nudity, strong language, and rugged violence, all set against a gritty London background. Beneath this abrasive surface, Apted’s direction does attempt to make the plot plausible, although his handling of certain sordid scenes suggests too much sensitivity for the seedy atmosphere exhibited. There are good performances from a remarkably strong cast including Stacy Keach as the beleaguered cop. Comedian Freddie Starr acquits himself surprisingly well, while David Hemmings and Edward Fox revel in the chance to be cast against type in unsavoury nature roles. Probably best of all, in his last film role, is Stephen Boyd as an Irish crime lord.

Alcoholic former Scotland Yard detective JimNaboth (Stacy Keach) has just left a drying-out clinic when his ex-wife Jillís (Carol White) new partner, hot-shot security executive Foreman (Edward Fox), visits to say both she and her young daughter have gone missing. Both have been kidnapped, and the crooks demand a £1m ransom. With Naboth and petty crook Teddy (Freddie Starr) sniffing around for clues, the crooks make a further demand of Foreman Ė that he murders Naboth; but the pair agree to fake his death. Vicious Irish crime kingpin Vic (Stephen Boyd) is behind the kidnapping, and to gain the ransom he blackmails Foreman into being an accomplice in the robbery of his own security firm.

Production Team

Michael Apted: Director
William McCrow: Art Direction
Dennis C Lewiston: Cinematography
John Shirley: Film Editing
John O’Gorman: Makeup Department
Patrick Grant: Makeup Department
David Hentschel: Original Music
Stanley O’Toole: Producer
Leon Griffith: Script
Ken Barker: Sound Department
Derek Holding: Sound Department
Christopher Lancaster: Sound Department
Cyril Swern: Sound Department
John Hayward: Sound Department


Stacy Keach: Jim Naboth
David Hemmings: Keith
Edward Fox: Foreman
Stephen Boyd: Vic
Carol White: Jill
Freddie Starr: Teddy
Hilary Gasson: Barbara
Rod Beacham: Dr Jenkins
Stewart Harwood: Des
Alan Ford: Taff
Roy Marsden: BarryI

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