February 28, 2017


The Third Secret – 1964 | 105mins | Thriller | B&W


Plot Synopsis

The Third Secret

The Third Secret begins with the death of a eminent London psychiatrist in what is understood to be a suicide but which his schoolgirl daughter, Catherine (Pamela Franklin), believes is an act of murder perpetrated by one of her father’s patients. She persuades one of the patients, Alex (Stephen Boyd), a TV presenter, to seek the murderer among the other patients, who include a secretary, a judge and an art dealer (Diane Cilento, Jack Hawkins and Richard Attenborough). Alex’s task is to listen to the stories they tell to see if they will let slip a clue to the murder, but all learns only that each person has a dark secret known only to the psychiatrist. In the end, he stumbles across the files on another patient suffering from schizophrenia who is not on the list. The mystery patient turns out to be Catherine, who confesses to the murder because her father was about to send her to an institution. Catherine then threatens to kill Alex himself. Alex survives and the film ends with her under restraint in a psychiatric hospital.

Production Team

Charles Crichton: Director
Tom Morahan: Art Direction
Douglas Slocombe: Cinematographer
Frederick Wilson: Film Editing
Ken MacKay: Make Up
Richard Arnell: Original Music
Robert L Joseph: Producer
Robert L Joseph: Script


Stephen Boyd: Alex Stedman
Jack Hawkins: Sir Frederick Belline
Richard Attenborough: Alfred Price-Gorham
Diane Cilento: Anne Tanner
Pamela Franklin: Catherine Whitset
Paul Rogers: Dr Milton Gillen
Alan Webb: Alden Hoving
Rachel Kempson: Mildred Hoving
Peter Sallis: Lawrence Jacks
Patience Collier: Mrs Pelton
Freda Jackson: Mrs Bales
Judi Dench: Miss Humphries

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