February 25, 2017


The Three Musketeers – 1974 | 105 mins | Action, Adventure | Colour


Plot Synopsis

The Three Musketeers

Originally envisaged by director Richard Lester as a vehicle for the Beatles, instead he produced an extravagant comic adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas classic that remained faithful to the original novel. Featuring a stellar cast including Michael York, Oliver Reed, Charlton Heston, Faye Dunaway and Christopher Lee, this arguably definitive version of the The Three Musketeers is a highly energetic story of swashbuckling adventure, romance and villainous intrigue. Lester shot the film in conjunction with its sequel, The Four Musketeers (1975), much to the annoyance of the film’s stars who believed they were only making one picture, and promptly filed a successful lawsuit demanding payment for both films.

Set in 17th Century Paris, The Three Musketeers are in the service of King Louis XIII when naive young yokel D’Artagnan (Michael York) arrives on the Parisian scene to make his name as a swordsman. He encounters the eponymous heroes of the title: the shadowy Athos (Oliver Reed), priestly Aramis (Richard Chamberlain), and high-spirited Porthos (Frank Finlay), and manages to offend each of the Musketeers and gets challenged to fight three individual duels. However, the Cardinal’s guards show up, and having outlawed duelling they attempt to arrest all involved, and D’Artagnan soon shows his mettle during a magnificent swordfight. Although the wicked schemer Cardinal Richelieu (Charlton Heston), his one-eyed henchmen, Rochefort (Christopher Lee), and devious Milady attempt to discredit the duplicitous Queen of France, the loyal D’Artagnan and his Musketeers retrieve her diamonds, which the King insists she must wear to the ball.

Production Team

Richard Lester: Director
Leslie Dilley: Art Direction
Fernando Gonzalez: Art Direction
Ilya Salkind: Associate Producer
Wolfdieter von Stein: Associate Producer
David Watkin: Cinematography
Yvonne Blake: Costume Design
Ron Talsky: Costume Design
John Victor-Smith: Editing
Carmen Sánchez: Makeup Department
José Antonio Sánchez: Makeup Department
Charlene Roberson: Makeup Department
Kaye Pownall: Makeup Department
Susan Germaine: Makeup Department
Ziggy Geike: Makeup Department
Cristóbal Criado: Makeup Department
Michel Legrand: Original Music
Alexander Salkind: Producer
Brian Eatwell: Production Designer
George MacDonald Fraser: Script
Don Challis: Sound Department
Roy Charman: Sound Department
Simon Kaye: Sound Department
Don Sharpe: Sound Department
Peter Watson: Sound Department
Gerry Humphreys: Sound Department


Oliver Reed: Athos
Raquel Welch: Constance de Bonancieux
Richard Chamberlain: Aramis
Michael York: D\’Artagnan
Frank Finlay: Porthos/O\’Reilly
Christopher Lee: Rochefort
Geraldine Chaplin: Anna of Austria
Jean-Pierre Cassel: Louis XIII
Spike Milligan: M Bonancieux
Roy Kinnear: Planchet
Georges Wilson: Treville
Faye Dunaway: Milady de Winter
Charlton Heston: Cardinal Richelieu
Joss Ackland: D\’Artagnan\’s Father

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