February 24, 2017


The Way Ahead – 1944 | 115mins | Drama, War | B&W


Plot Synopsis

The Way Ahead

The Way Ahead is a Carol Reed flag-waver that still packs the same emotional punch that gripped cinema audiences so strongly during the war’s twilight years. Reed’s semi-documentary style ensures that a believable grittiness always shines through the lump-in-the-throat heroics.

An excellent cast star in this vivid story of the varying fortunes of a group of motley young civilians from different walks of life as they are moulded into soldiers. The film follows the recruits as they advance through basic training under no-nonsense Sergeant Fletcher, and capable Lieutenant Jim Perry. We eventually see the raw recruits set sail on an unknown voyage for their first taste of battle, they land in North Africa and are plunged into action against the enemy finally realising the benefit of their hated training.

Production Team

Carol Reed: Director
David Rawnsley: Art Direction
Stanley Haynes: Associate Producer
Arthur Lawson: Asst Art Direction
Frank Bevis: Asst Director
Guy Green: Cinematography
Derick Williams: Cinematography
Fergus McDonell: Editing
Muir Mathieson: Music Direction
William Alwyn: Original Music
Norman Walker: Producer
John Sutro: Producer
Peter Ustinov: Script
Desmond Dew: Sound
Harry Miller: Sound
CC Stevens: Sound
Henry Harris: Special Effects
Bill Warrington: Special Effects


A.E. Matthews: Colonel Walmsley
David Niven: Lieutenant Jim Perry
Stanley Holloway: Brewer
James Donald: Lloyd
John Laurie: Luke
Jimmy Hanley: Stainer
William Hartnell: Sergeant Fletcher
Raymond Huntley: Davenport
Leslie Dwyer: Beck
Hugh Burden: Parsons
Reginald Tate: CO
Leo Genn: Captain Edwards
Renee Asherson: Marjorie Gillingham
Mary Jerrold: Mrs Gillingham
Tessie O’Shea: Herself
Raymond Lovell: Mr Jackson
Peter Ustinov: Rispoli, the Cafe owner
Penelope Dudley-Ward: Mrs Perry
Trevor Howard: Officer on Ship

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