February 28, 2017


The Wind of Change – 1961 | 64 mins | Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

The Wind of Change

Powerful racially-charged b-movie from director Vernon Sewell concerning racial discrimination and parental worry that is still relevant today. There are convincing performances from convincingly malicious ‘Coronation Street’ Johnny Briggs and Donald Pleasence as his complacent father who belatedly comes to worry about his sonís mind-set.

Rebellious and bigoted teen, Frank Marley (Johnny Briggs), hatred for coloured people tragically rebounds on him when he and his gang decide to attack a black youth late one night. The victim happens to be accompanied by Frankís sister, Josie (Ann Lynn), who is injured in the attack. Unemployed Frankís racist views concern his acquiescent working-class parents (Donald Pleasence, Hilda Fenemore) but neither genuinely tackles his xenophobia, and seems more vexed that their son isnít earning a crust. The assault is investigated by Sgt. Parker (Glyn Houston), and the case becomes more serious when the victim dies in hospital.

Production Team

Vernon Sewell: Director
Duncan Sutherland: Art Direction
Basil Emmott: Cinematography
Peter Pitt: Film Editing
Norman Percival: Original Music
John Dark: Producer
Alexander Dore: Script
John McLaren: Script
Stephen Dalby: Sound


Donald Pleasence: Pop
Johnny Briggs: Frank
Angela Douglas: Denise
Glyn Houston: Sgt. Parker
David Hemmings: Ginger
Hilda Fenemore: Gladys
Ann Lynn: Josie

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