February 20, 2017


There Goes the Bride – 1932 | 79 mins | Comedy | B&W

Plot Synopsis

There Goes the Bride

Jessie Matthews‘s first film at Gainsborough was There Goes the Bride (1932), a remake of the German Ich bleib bei dir (1931), whose star Jenny Jugo bore a striking physical resemblance to Matthews.

On the morning of an unwonted marriage, reluctant bride Annette (Jessie Matthews) runs away to Paris. On the train she is robbed of her purse and meets a dashing wealthy young man, Max (Owen Nares), who allows her to stay with him for 24 hours. Detectives trace the runaway and take her home, but Max follows her, and together they elope after eluding her captors.

Production Team

Albert de Courville: Director
Norman Arnold: Art Direction
Alex Bryce: Cinematography
Fred Raymond: Original Music
Noel Gay: Original Music
Michael Balcon: Producer
Fred Raymond: Script
WP Lipscomb: Script
Herman Kosterlitz: Script
Wolfgang Wilhelm: Script


Owen Nares: Max
Jessie Matthews: Annette Marquand
Carol Goodner: Cora
Charles Carson: M Marquand
Barbara Everest: Mme Marquand
Basil Radford: Rudolph
Winifred Oughton: Housekeeper
Jerry Verno: Antoine
Roland Culver: Jacques

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