February 23, 2017


They’re a Weird Mob – 1966 | 112mins | Comedy | Colour

Plot Synopsis

They're a Weird Mob

Arriving in Australia to work on his Cousin Leonardo’s newspaper, Italian-born Nino Culotta finds that Leonardo has fled to Canada, leaving a string of debts behind him. Kay Kelly is one of those owed money and she tells Nino bluntly that she does not approve of ‘dagos’. Nino finds work as a builder’s labourer, and begins to repay Kay what is owed to her. When she is later advised by her solicitor not to accept any more money from him she attempts to return it, causing further disagreement. After sleeping rough in the deserted newspaper offices, Nino moves in with workmate Joe and his family. Meeting at an Italian restaurant, Nino and Kay realise that they have fallen in love. Her father Harry however, insists that he has no time for ‘dagos’, but eventually softens toward Nino, who – after a year in Australia – is now one of the ‘mob’.

Production Team

Michael Powell: Director
Dennis Gentle: Art Direction
John Pellatt: Associate Producer
Arthur Grant: Cinematography
Chris Jacovides: Costume Design
Gerald Turney-Smith: Editing
Alan Bousteadand Laurence Leonard: Music
Michael Powell: Producer
Emeric Pressburger: Production Management
Emeric Pressburger: Script
You Kiss Me’: Songs
Don Saunders: Sound
Ted Karnon: Sound
Bill Creed: Sound
Alan Allen: Sound


Walter Chiari: Nino Culotta
Clare Dunne: Kay Kelly
Chips Rafferty: Harry Kelly
Alida Chelli: Giuliana
Ed Devereaux: Joe Kennedy
Slim DeGrey: Pat
John Meillon: Dennis

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