February 22, 2017


Three Crooked Men – 1958 | 71 mins | Crime | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Three Crooked Men

Formulaic crime b-movie from the Danziger Brothers. Gordon Jackson, Warren Mitchell and Eric Pohlmann add some weight to proceedings but the Brian Clemens co-written story is typically predictable and ends in an unsatisfactory climax.

Three crooks break into the store of bitter ex-boxer Don Wescot (Gordon Jackson) with the intent of robbing a neighbouring bank by entering through the shared wall. Westcott unexpectedly fails to leave his store at closing time following a row with his wife, and is taken captive by the crooks. When passer-by Walter Prinn (Warren Mitchell), a timid bank clerk, overhears Wescot shouting and attempts to investigate, the robbers cosh him and take him captive too. The police believe Wescot and Prinn did the job and cooked up the story of a trio of thieves as an alibi. The falsely-accused duo combine to clear their names.

Production Team

Ernest Morris: Director
James Wilson: Cinematography
Maurice Rootes: Film Editing
Frank Turner: Makeup Department
Frank C. Turner: Makeup Department
Edwin Astley: Original Music
Albert Elms: Original Music
Harry Lee Danziger: Producer
Edward J. Danziger: Producer
Erik Blakemore: Production Design
Eldon Howard: Script
Brian Clemens: Script
Allan H. Brown: Sound


Michael Mellinger: Vince
Michael Goodliffe: Shop customer
Warren Mitchell: Walter Prinn
Philip Saville: Seppy
Eric Pohlmann: Masters
Sarah Lawson: May Wescot
Gordon Jackson: Don Wescot

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