February 23, 2017


Time Flies – 1944 | 88 mins | Comedy, Sci-Fi | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Time Flies

Radio comedian Tommy Handley makes one of his few ventures into feature films in this thoroughly entertaining time-travel romp. Handley is sourly out of place on the big screen and is reduced to delivering a series of one-liners. Time travel features were popular at the time when the populace needed a diversion from the hardship of wartime Britain. Gainsborough’s Time Flies opened in the same year as Ealing’s Fiddlers Three (1944) in which Tommy Trinder ventured back to ancient Rome.

Tommy (Tommy Handley) is a New York valet who whilst his employer is away, uses his hotel suite to sell shares in a revolutionary ‘Time Ball’ to his gullible American friend, Bill (George Moon). When Tommy’s boss unexpectedly returns, he calls for the police to arrest his scheming valet – so Tommy and Bill are forced to hide in the time ball. At that same moment, Bill’s songbird wife Susie (Evelyn Dall) is examining the time-travelling invention with the professor (Felix Aylmer), and accidentally presses a button, and the four are catapulted into outer space million of miles above the earth. After fiddling with the controls the Professor manages to transport them back to earth, but unfortunately into the wrong century.

They arrive in back on earth in snow-covered Elizabethan era London, where their strange behaviour and language causes them much trouble. Susie befriends William Shakespeare whilst Tommy introduces Walter Raleigh to tobacco and a spot of cloak-laying. Tommy is knighted and becomes a court favourite. He convinces Good Queen Bess he owns the Americas, and encourages her to buy the lands from him. When Capt. John Smith and Pocohontas arrive on the scene also laying claim to the Americas, the gang are accused of witchcraft and chicanery, are arrested for treason and thrown in the tower by the Queens Royal Guard. Sentenced be burnt alive along with the time ball, the gang must repair the time machine and return to 1943.

Production Team

Walter Forde: Director
John Bryan: Art Direction
Basil Emmott: Cinematography
RE Dearing: Film Editing
Bretton Byrd: Original Music
Noel Gay: Original Music
Maurice Ostrer: Producer
Edward Black: Producer
Ted Cavanagh: Script
JOC Orton: Script
Howard Irving Young: Script
BC Sewell: Sound Department


Tommy Handley: Tommy
Evelyne Dall: Susie Barton
George Moon: Bill Barton
Felix Aylmer: The Professor
Moore Marriott: A Soothsayer
Graham Moffatt: His Nephew
John Salew: William Shakespeare
Leslie Bradley: Capt Walter Raleigh
Olga Linda: Queen Elizabeth
Roy Emerton: Capt John Smith
Iris Lang: Princess Pocohontas

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