February 23, 2017


Too Many Crooks – 1958 | 82 mins | Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Too Many Crooks

Too Many Crooks centres on the latest caper by a bunch of bungling crooks, Fingers (George Cole), Snowdrop (Bernard Bresslaw), Sid (Sidney James) and Whisper (Joe Melia), who intend to rob millionaire Billy Gordon (Terry-Thomas). After some initial failures to break into his safe they decide to kidnap Gordonís daughter instead. Once again they fail and mistakenly kidnap his wife (Brenda de Banzie); her philandering husband doesn’t want her back and refuses to pay the ransom. Annoyed, she gains revenge by helping them steal his hidden fortune. But the gang lose the money again in the end, and Gordonís wife returns to her now penniless husband.

Production Team

Mario Zampi: Director
Ivan King: Art Direction
Stanley Pavey: Cinematography
Bill Lewthwaite: Editing
RL Alexander: Makeup Department
Iris Tilley: Makeup Department
Stanley Black: Original Music
Mario Zampi: Producer
Giulio Zampi: Producer
Christiane Rochefort: Script
Michael Pertwee: Script
Bill Daniels: Sound Department
J Woodiwiss: Sound Department


Terry-Thomas: Billy Gordon
George Cole: Fingers
Brenda De Banzie: Lucy
Bernard Bresslaw: Snowdrop
Sid James: Sid
Vera Day: Charmaine
Delphi Lawrence: Beryl
John Le Mesurier: Magistrate
Terry Scott: Fire Policeman

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