February 21, 2017


Toomorrow – 1970 | 95 mins | Sci-Fi, Musical | Colour

Plot Synopsis


Pop science-fiction fantasy that pushes the earthly bounds of believability with a story of aliens, capable of space travel and matter transfer, are incapable of producing twee pop music. The film was the brainchild of American pop svengali and co-producer Don Kirshner, who having earlier created The Monkees formed another manufactured band, ‘Toomorrow’, featuring Australian singer Olivia Newton-John. The format didn’t work this time as both feature film and accompanying album flopped.

Anthropologist John Williams (Roy Dotrice), an Alphoid (alien) in human disguise who has lived on earth for three thousand years, is told by Galactic Control to investigate a strange vibration on Earth which could counteract the sound sterility on their home planet. The vibration is being produced by a group of Chelsea art students – a pop group called Toomorrow – who have made a `tonaliser – an amplifier for use in their music. The group are kidnapped and taken to the space people to teach then the secrets of the `tonaliser’ and how to add soul to their out-of-tune computerised music.

The scheme fails, however, as the group cannot come to terms with the alien environment. They return home where they perform at a pop festival at the Round House in London. The Alphoids beam the music and atmosphere into space. One of the group, Olivia, wakes up the next day remembering a strange dream.

Production Team

Val Guest: Director
Bert Davey: Art Direction
Ernest Archer: Art Direction
Dick Bush: Cinematography
Ronald Paterson: Costume Design
Alan Osbiston: Film Editing
Stuart Freeborn: Makeup Department
Hugo Montenegro: Original Music
Harry Saltzman: Producer
Don Kirshner: Producer
Michael Stringer: Production Design
Val Guest: Script
Gordon K. McCallum: Sound


Olivia Newton-John: Olivia
Roy Marsden: Alpha
Imogen Hassall: Amy
Roy Dotrice: John Williams
Karl Chambers: Karl
Vic Cooper: Vic
Benny Thomas: Benny

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