February 25, 2017


Triple Cross – 1967 | 126 mins | Thriller, Action | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Triple Cross

Enjoyable but never outstanding World War Two espionage adventure based on the real-life experiences of British double agent Eddie Chapman. Christopher Plummer stars as the cynical hero with an eye for the ladies, while Yul Brynner and Trevor Howard also number among the decent cast. Director Terence Young plays this slightly tongue-in-cheek and it robs the film of its credibility and lessens the obvious suspense.

After committing a series of safe-breakings in London, Eddie Chapman (Christopher Plummer), aka The Gelignite Gang, endeavours to avoid capture by the police by holidaying in Jersey. Whilst on the island, the authorities eventually catch up with Chapman and sentence him to twelve years in jail. As luck would have it, following the German invasion of Jersey the intrepid safecracker offers his services to provide information to the Nazi forces in exchange for money and his freedom. But little do they suspect that his loyalties actually lie with the British Secret Service.

However, once trained in occupied France by Baron von Grunen (Yul Brynner) and Col. Steinhager (Gert Fröbe), Chapman manages to bluff his German controllers into letting him work for them and is finally entrusted with a mission. Once parachuted into Britain he goes to the British intelligence (Trevor Howard), finally convinces them and goes to work for them for a big sum and a promise to wipe out his criminal record. After successfully fooling the Germans he had planted explosives at a London aircraft factory, Chapman is recalled to Lisbon by his controllers and awarded the Iron Cross to boot. But his situation becomes more perilous as the Germans realise they are losing the war and the SS become distrustful of von Grunen and his English agent. However, the Germans send him back to England, this time to report on the damage caused by their V-1 and V-2 terror weapons raining down on London. With the help of the British intelligence, he feeds the Germans false information that causes them to redirect their missiles into falling short of their objectives into uninhabited countryside.

Production Team

Terence Young: Director
Tony Roman: Art Direction
René Renoux: Art Direction
Henri Alekan: Cinematography
Roger Dwyre: Editing
Georges Garvarentz: Original Music
MJ Coignard-Helison: Original Music
Jacques Bertrand: Producer
William Marchant: Script
René Hardy: Script
Jacques Lebreton: Sound Department
Johnny Dwyre: Sound Department


Christopher Plummer: Eddie Chapman
Romy Schneider: Countess
Trevor Howard: Distinguished Civilian
Gert Fröbe: Col Steinhager
Claudine Auger: Paulette
Yul Brynner: Baron von Grunen
Georges Lycan: Leo
Jess Hahn: Cmdr Braid
Harry Meyen: Lt Keller
Gil Barber: Bergman
Jean-Claude Bercq: Maj von Leeb

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