February 24, 2017


Watch Your Stern – 1960 | 90 mins | Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Watch Your Stern

Based on the play Something About a Sailor by Earle Couttie, Watch Your Stern is from the team responsible for the ‘Carry On’ series and displays the same brand of humour.

Accident-prone ships steward, Officer Blissworth (Kenneth Connor), manages to destroy the blueprints to a top-secret homing torpedo project, The Creeper. Along with his equally inadequate commanding officer, Captain Foster (Eric Barker), their only hope is to get another set bound for London. But when Admiral Sir Humphrey Pettigrew (Noel Purcell) turns up they try to cover up their mistake by presenting him with a set of plans that detail the ship’s refrigeration system. When they discover a female naval scientist, Miss Potter (Hattie Jacques), is due to arrive for torpedo testing, Blissworth is forced to dress in drag and impersonate her. Blissworth’s dilemma is exacerbated when the Admiral himself needs keeping at bay because of his amorous intentions.

Production Team

Gerald Thomas: Director
Carmen Dillon: Art Direction
Edward Scaife: Cinematography
Joan Ellacott: Costume Design
John Shirley: Editing
Alex Garfath: Makeup Department
Biddy Chrystal: Makeup Department
Bruce Montgomery: Original Music
Peter Rogers: Producer
Alan Hackney: Script
Vivian Cox: Script
Bill Daniels: Sound Department
Robert T MacPhee: Sound Department
Jim Sibley: Sound Department


Kenneth Connor: O/S Blissworth
Eric Barker: Captain Foster
Leslie Phillips: Lieutenant Commander Fanshawe
Joan Sims: Ann Foster
Noel Purcell: Sir Humphrey Pettigrew
Hattie Jacques: Agatha Potter
Spike Milligan: Dockyard matey
Eric Sykes: 2nd Dockyard Matey
Sid James: Chief Petty Officer Mundy

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