February 25, 2017


When the Bough Breaks – 1947 | 78 mins | Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

When the Bough Breaks

A police detective arrives at a hospital and goes to visit a young woman who has just given birth. He informs her that that her “husband” has been arrested for bigamy – she subsequently returns to her rooms alone. She then takes her six week old boy to a day nursery and commencing working in the perfume section of a department store. However, she becomes ill and is visited by a lady from the nursery whose own son died at a young age. She agrees for her own son to be looked after for a day or two, but then decides that the lady and her husband can adopt him. Many years later on his eighth birthday she agrees to go to a holiday camp with a female friend and her family. There she meets a young man and her life changes dramatically.

Although unremarkable, this is an oddly endearing little drama – it’s consistently absorbing throughout. Peter Rogers‘ script is warm-hearted and neatly constructed making everyday incidents seem fresh. (Some sources state that Muriel & Sydney Box also contributed to the screenplay – but they’re uncredited on screen).There’s also quietly assured direction from Lawrence Huntington who helps to imbue this with humanity. As for the cast, Patricia Roc is a bit self conscious, but Bill Owen is in fine form. Likeable and involving despite being a modest production.

By Andy Coleby

Production Team

Lawrence Huntington: Director
John Elphick: Art Direction
George Provis: Art Direction
Bryan Langley: Cinematography
Yvonne Caffin: Costume Design
Gordon Hales: Film Editing
Len Garde: Makeup Department
Ivy Emmerton: Makeup Department
Clifton Parker: Original Music
Betty E. Box: Producer
Peter Rogers: Script
Sydney Box: Script
Muriel Box: Sctipt
M. Hobbs: Sound
B.C. Sewell: Sound
Herbert Victor: Story
Moie Charles: Story


Catherine Lacey: Almoner
Torin Thatcher: Adams
Sonia Holm: Nurse
Leslie Dwyer: George
Cavan Malone: Jimmy
Patrick Holt: Robert Norman
Brenda Bruce: Ruby Chapman
Bill Owen: Bill Collins
Rosamund John: Frances Norman
Patricia Roc: Lily Bates

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