February 23, 2017


White Corridors – 1951 | 102 mins | Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

White Corridors

Episodic British medical drama adapted from the novel by novel by Helen Ashton, and centring on the behind-the-scenes relations of a male and female doctor, an excellent James Donald and Googie Withers, and their fight to save a little boy with mysterious blood poisoning. Intelligently handled under the competent direction of Pat Jackson, the script is realistically portrayed by an excellent support cast that includes Petula Clark, Moira Lister, Jack Watling,Basil Radford, Barry Jones and Bernard Lee.

Following the medical and personal drama in a Yeoman’s Hospital in the Midlands soon after the NHS was founded. Pathologist Dr Neil Marriner (James Donald) is researching into penicillin-resistant infections using archaic laboratory apparatus. Neil is treating a teenage boy with septicaemia, Tommy Briggs, and whilst drawing blood from the young patient he inadvertently infects himself. The young boy dies and Neil becomes seriously ill, and demands his experimental serum be tested on himself.

Young Dr Dick Groom (Jack Watling) finds himself in hot water with his father (Godfrey Tearle) when he casually dismisses a patient with a cerebral abscess to go house-hunting. Meanwhile, Marriner’s fiancée, the young and gifted surgeon Dr. Sophie Dean (Googie Withers), is torn between her love for Marriner and the offer of a prestigious post in London.

Production Team

Pat Jackson: Director
Maurice Carter: Art Direction
C.M Pennington-Richards: Cinematography
Yvonne Caffin: Costume Design
Sidney Hayers: Film Editing
WT Partleton: Makeup Department
Biddy Chrystal: Makeup Department
Bretton Byrd: Original Music
John Croydon: Producer
Joseph Janni: Producer
Jan Read: Script
Pat Jackson: Script
David E Jackson: Script
John Cook: Sound Department
Gordon K McCallum: Sound Department
Winston Ryder: Sound Department


Googie Withers: Dr Sophie Dean
James Donald: Neil Marriner
Godfrey Tearle: Mr Groom Sr
Petula Clark: Joan Shepherd
Jean Anderson: Sister Gater
Timothy Bateson: Dr Cook
Grace Gavin: Sister Abbott
Helen Harvey: Nurse Miller
Gerard Heinz: Dr Macuzek
Mary Hinton: Matron
Megs Jenkins: Mrs Briggs
Barry Jones: Dr Shoesmith
Bernard Lee: Burgess
Moira Lister: Dolly Clark
Dandy Nichols: Char
Basil Radford: Retired Civil Servant
Patrick Troughton: Sailor

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