February 28, 2017


Wild Boy – 1934 | 85 mins | Sport | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Wild Boy

The legendary greyhound Mick the Miller is the star of this comedy-thriller about Billy (Sonnie Hale), secretary to the crooked Redfern (Lyn Harding). He uncovers some shady dealings and ensures that dog owner Lloyd and her greyhound take first prize in the Greyhound Derby, and Redfern’s criminal activities are justly dealt with.

Production Team

Albert de Courville: Director
Alfred Junge: Art Direction
Philip Tannura: Cinematography
RE Dearing: Editing
Michael Balcon: Producer
JES Bradford: Script
Albert de Courville: Script
Stafford Dickens: Script
Phillip Dorte: Sound Department


Sonnie Hale: Billy Grosvenor
Gwyneth Lloyd: Marjorie
Leonora Corbett: Gladys Scrivener
Lyn Harding: Frank Redfern
Ronald Squire: Rollo
Fred Kitchen Jr: Joe Plumer
Arthur Sinclair: Murphy
Chesney Allen: Auctioneer and Bookmaker
Bud Flanagan: Dick Smith

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