February 25, 2017


Your Witness – 1949 | 100 mins | Drama, Mystery | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Your Witness

This pedestrian mystery and routine courtroom drama set against an authentic rural backdrop brought fading American actor Robert Montgomery to England to star in his fourth credited directorial outing. The film derives much of its light-heartedness from the culture clash as the smart-talking lawyer encounters numerous English stereotypes. Amongst the venerable British cast of character actors are Felix Aylmer, Patricia Cutts, Michael Ripper, James Hayter and Leslie Banks in his last film.

New York lawyer Adam Heyward (Robert Montgomery) reluctantly travels to England to defend wartime friend Sam Baxter (Michael Ripper) facing trial for murder. Baxter owns livery stables in a small village on the outskirts of London and is accused of killing his business partner – but maintains it was self-defence. Sam believes there was a woman in his partner’s room during the fatal struggle, and Heyward must discover the identity of the mysterious female witness who can corroborate Sam’s plea of self-defence.

Production Team

Robert Montgomery: Director
William Douglas-Home: Additional dialogue
Ralph W. Brinton: Art Direction
Gerald Gibbs: Cinematography
Lito Carruthers: Film Editing
Gerry Fletcher: Makeup Department
Ivy Emmerton: Makeup Department
Malcolm Arnold: Original Music
Joan Harrison: Producer
Joan Harrison: Script
Ian McLellan Hunter: Script
Hugo Butler: Script
W.H.O. Sweeney: Sound


Jenny Laird: Mary Baxter
Harcourt Williams: Richard Beamish
Leslie Banks: Col. Roger Summerfield
Felix Aylmer: The Judge
Andrew Cruickshank: Sir Adrian Horth
Patricia Cutts: Alex Summerfield
Robert Montgomery: Adam Heyward
Stanley Baker: Police Sgt. Bannoch
Dandy Nichols: Waitress
Shelagh Fraser: Ellen Foster
John Sharp: Police Constable Hawkins
James Hayter: Prouty
Wylie Watson: Mr. Widgery
Ann Stephens: Catherine Summerfield
Michael Ripper: Sam Baxter

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