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    I'm curious about Barbara Brown, a young singer/actress whose credits you can see here: Barbara Brown - IMDb - plus some scant bio info.

    What you don't see is her credit as the female lead in the hilarious Gonks Go Beat (1965) film, because IMDb has it mistakenly and rather bizarrely credited to the much better-known actress Pamela Brown. I've submitted a correction for this, but I'm now wondering about the date of death, given as 7th July 1975, which would mean she was only 35 when she died. Not unknown, of course, but Pamela Brown also died in 1975 (though not the same day and month) and IMDb also gives the DD as 7th July 1975 for Barbara Brown (I) - a much older American actress.

    So, I just wondered if anybody knows anything more about her. She was apparently more of a singer than an actress, and probably had a fairly short-lived acting career, but I can't find anything on-line or in various film books of that period.

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    Her brother (Kenneth) married my cousin in 1958; Barbara married, gave up acting and settled down in the home counties. Now believe she lives in Dunstable or Rickmansworth.

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    Following on from my earlier entry, would dispute the statement that Barbara Brown was a singer; appeared in late 1950's BBC "soap", the Appleyards.

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    Barbara Brown, American actress (1901-1975) & Barbara Brown english actress (b. 1940)

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