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    In the late 1970`s I was working as a Trainee Manager at WH Smith & Sons Walton on Thames.

    For a period I worked in the Book department which was managed by a very attractive woman called Pat Dainton

    It was a few months later that I discovered that she had been a successful actress in the 50s and 60s.

    She was married to a film director, although his name escapes me now.

    From memory she had two beautiful daughters too

    Pat loved books, and was a very passionate person in her role as manager.

    She was a joy to work with.

    Peter Rand

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    I remember Pat Dainton being on the cover of the very first issue of The TV Times in 1955.

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    The following are two film lobby cards in my collection which star Patricia Dainton. The first lobby card is from the 1959 film Witness in the Dark starring alongside Patricia Dainton was Conrad Phillips, Nigel Green, Madge Ryan and Richard O'Sullivan.

    This following lobby card is from the 1961 film Ticket to Paradise which stars Patricia Dainton, Emrys Johns, Vanda Hudson, Denis Shaw and Claire Gordon

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    Many moons ago, soon after WW2, I worked with Pat Dainton. It was a documentary and I was a third assistant. I remember her as a very friendly lady.

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