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    Of the many actors/actresses that I have admired over the years Willie Ross is high on my list. Just the expressions on his face had me laughing, especially in the film "Rita Sue and Bob Too" when he comes home drunk and after sitting down in his settee has to look twice when he sees the Asian lad sat there. The look on his face is priceless.

    I seem to remember a TV ad years ago, that Willie featured in with Russ Abbott and they were fishing. They are having no luck when all of a sudden Russ puts a Des O'Connor LP on the end of his line and the fish all jump out much to Willie's amazement, but I cant remember what they were advertising.

    I remember Willie in the TV series "Stay Lucky" and also "Badger" he was great in both

    Sadly Willie died in 2001 after a fall at his home. A sad loss to the industry.

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    He stole the show for me in "Our Friends In The North". He did a pretty good line in drunken derelicts.

    I tried to get him credited on IMDb for his non-speaking bit part as a deckhand sailor in the 1956 film "Moby Dick" but I don't think my efforts succeeded. To be fair I had no supporting evidence to back me up, but if you ever watch the movie, keep your eyes peeled, Willie is definitely on board, I'm sure of it!

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