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    Reading yesterday's "Answers to Correspondents" in the Daily Mail,a reader asked about an actor called Victor Henry,an actor once touted as as the "next Albert Finney." Admittedly,I haven't heard of him,but he did appear in a film called All Neat In Black Stockings with Susan George and Jack Shepherd. Reading the plot on IMDB,I seem to vaguely recall seeing the film.
    Does anyone else have any thoughts about Victor Henry,who came to a tragic end after a tragic accident when he was a victim of a freak accident in Sloane Square,when waiting at a zebra crossing,a car mounted the pavement and went into him? He remained in a coma for several years without gaining consciousness - he died in 1985.
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    I think he is only remembered today by the regular outings of 'The Sorcerers' ?

    all of his TV work is either in cobwebs or gone completely I think?

    I get the impression he was a hard working guy, who was not going to be star
    but was going to work his way up through sheer effort..

    I suppose 'The Contenders' (about feuding brothers I think?) would be something
    to judge his young work by if it ever got a release?

    Its difficult to say if the accident occured just after 'The Contenders' and that is why there is very
    little from him after that -
    the IMDB says he was in a coma for 17 years so maybe that is right?

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    The Sorcerers was on tv a month or so ago (BBC)

    Here is a grab I took at the time as there appears to be few if any of him

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    Was a strange character in All neat in black stockings! Sad end! Cheers!

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